Pup Joints

Pup JointsACT manufacturers one piece construction Integral Pup Joints, Welded Pup Joints, and Non-pressure seal thread (NPST) pup joints from 2”-4” and working pressures of 6,000 and 15,000 PSI.  Pup joints are available in lengths from 1ft – 15ft.  Material is alloy steel and light weight.  The integral pup joints are capable of handling a variety of fluids at cold working pressures of 15,000 PSI.  ACT’s pup joints are also available upon request for sour service applications up to 10,000 PSI.   All pup joints are certified with API 16C.

Recommended Service

Pup Joints bottomThese pup joints are suitable for High Pressure Discharge Lines, Temporary Flow Lines, Auxiliary Flow Lines, Well Testing Lines, Water Lines, Choke and Kill Lines, and Abrasive Applications.

Salient Benefits

Since the Integral Pup Joints have no welds and threads,  ACT’s pup joints provide a uniform bore of greater flow capacity and improved flow characteristics.  ACT’s design allows for uniform heat treating of the entire joint for better structural qualities.  Nut can be detached for easily disassembly if replacement becomes necessary.  For this only a circlip has to be removed.

End connections

End connections can be provided for fig 602, 1002, and 1502.  ACT can also provide flanged end connections upon special request.


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